The Cabinets door with the raised panels

Cabinets storage system is essential in the House. You may find you in particular paragraph bathroom cabinets, kitchen and bedroom. The child cabinets for shoes, clothes, files, and audiovisual materials. But they live in a very large our own thing. How you can see the cabinets are apparently contradictory, and therefore not functional ie services alone, but also good.

The most important are the doors of the cabinets. The design of the doors, you can determine the general meaning. There are three styles of doors - El Arco, the slab and the panel doors.
The doors of the cabinet panel
• Doors with panels if it is used primarily in wood cabinets in the more traditional, the way the country antiques, or style chalet.
• Construction of the Technical Group of the wood is a paragraph. The panel is captured by image. It is made from one solid piece of wood as the doors of the slab. The service panel is usually attached to the frame.
• The building has five contradictory. It is the panel, and four pieces of wood that form the framework. The two vertical structures contradictory by calling the amounts. The call for self-contradictory horizontal rails. The panel also can be divided into two sections. The new structure will partner denominator style rail or a Middle-Mi.
• The panel is one of the structure of UNIDO, and the sea through the slot on the inner edge of the structure or the slot in the back for example in the inner edge.
• The timber can be moved in time, you can expand and contract. Therefore, the Commission should serve not as small as a fig tree damage during movement.
• Doors can tener flat panel or raised. The flat screen does not use the material made by man as plywood or plastic, but wood is not excluded. Raised panel surface at the same level as the chassis. The shape of the part over different services you can, depending on the design.
The cabinet door laminate is perfect for traditional designs, strong son also paragraph of freshness and lightness of modern designs. You can also support the ornamental panel Add and more art.